Software Consulting

Maaway Technology offers comprehensive Product Development Lifecycle Services, Application Development & Maintenance Services and Consulting Services

In Software consulting services at Maaway Technology, we always try to provide the best solution we have, whether you are looking to buy or build a technology solution for your business. We combine industry and technical experience to guide you to the best decision for your needs. Following;

Software Solutions:

  • Helping our clients in complete software development life cycle.
  • SMB Automation Solutions like HRM and other packages.
  • Small and Light useful application development.
  • Developing both web and desktop application for small and medium business.
  • Maintain ace and customer care

From our experience, we offer our assistance to potential clients by identifying their centre of motivation, when they are searching for a technology solution. We always stay up-to-date to the industry and technology changes that can bring a beneficial perspective to the table. We also help with a low cost of ownership solutions, continued toolset support, and the skills to maintain your solution. With our ample experience, we ask the right questions to make sure that the changes we see should come on your radar so that you keep up with the speed of the industry.

For those who need software, the first question is often whether to buy or build a custom software application. If you are unsure, our Professional Software Consultants will assist you in a needs analysis, business process study and documentation overview to give you insight as to whether buying or building would be the best solution for you.

Defining the requirement of software development – To gather the actual requirements, our developer/analyst needs to ensure that the scope of the project is clear and complete. This involves understanding why the project has been initiated and it’s purpose. A complete project scope will name and define all the entities that are involved with the project.

Our project scope

  • Vision and Statement of Purpose
  • Development Objectives
  • Development Viewpoint
  • Development Assumptions
  • Development External Interactions
  • Suggestions and Recommendations
  • Implementation options
  • Business Risks vs. Rewards
  • Competition Analysis

For individuals who already possess software, No problem at all, we will assist you in checking whether your software fits to your requirement or not. We can provide consulting services in the form of a Software Audit. Our Professional Software Consultants review your software or database application line-by-line of code, calculate its “Potential and Score”, and review the findings with you.