UX/UIUser Experience Design

You may not realize it now, but an interaction occurs every time a person visits your website and navigates it. It is a subtle process that not everyone is aware of, yet it plays a significant role in the success of any website. Consider this: whether or not a person decides to buy from you often depends on how easy and enjoyable the interaction is between him and your website. Now does your website create a positive experience on your visitors? Or are you losing customers before you can ask them to click on the order or contact button? Building websites, therefore, is more than just a matter of ensuring that images load quickly, no bugs exist, and that all the elements are combined into one attractive package. We are also past the stage where simply having a website is already an ingredient to e-commerce success. These things may have worked several years ago, but things change very quickly on the internet. Today, user experience plays a significant role on how the website is structured and how it runs.

We provide the following deliverables: (As an addition to User Experience Analysis and Content Strategy and Management)

  • Persona Definiton
  • User Story Creation
  • User Journey Design
  • Lo/Med/Hi Fidelity Wireframe Design
  • Interaction Story Creation
  • User Interface Design

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