CLO Pro (Container Loading Optimization)

About CLO Pro

In the logistics & shipments planning, planning a truck/container load is a key to any business. There is every possibility of empty space, over loading, waste time manually calculating how many products can be loaded into a truck/container, less visibility of orientation of the products inside the truck/container etc. Pro Truck Fill Tool is specifically designed to minimize the gap between planned & actual load while loading a truck/container.

Our Solutions

  • An web based tool having capability to display a visual simulation of how the pallets (CLUs – Container Loading Units) should be loaded into a container considering container’s volume & weight capacity
  • This tool will always suggest the best fit simulations i.e. maximum volume & capacity utilization so that the warehouse supervisor can plan the outbound shipments well in advance
  • This tool is well integrated with Oracle EBS to collect master data relevant for the loading & order data
  • All master data (like Item dimension & weight, Pallet/CLU dimension, CLU-Item conversion rate, Container dimension & capacity etc) can either be directly pulled from EBS (if available) or can directly be loaded into the Tool
  • While booking the order, customer service team can plan different simulations for different Item-CLU combination (by providing Item quantities to be shipped & pallets/CLUs used for item packing) & finally approve/execute the best-fit simulation
  • The loader can refer the approved simulation & load the container as suggested in the visual
  • Well defined exceptions which will tell which pallets are rejected because of either volume limitation or weight limitation of the container
  • 360 degree view of the container with play/pause option to view how/which pallets are getting loaded into the container
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Salient Features of CLO Pro

What CLO Pro do?

Capture the latitude & longitude of customer ship-to location (Unloading Point) to plan the optimize route using external distance engine ( like HereMap, Google etc)

Our Approach

# Build an web based application to plan the route for driver or sales person
# Assign the route to driver/salesperson
# Build a Mobile Apps to visit the planned route & capture location details, delivery window, picture of unloading point etc
# Pre-build KPIs to monitor the activities

Target Audience

Being a pioneer hybrid mobile app development company, designs and develops user-centric hybrid apps for a variety of systems and platforms, including iOS and Android