CTS Pro (Candidate Tracking System)

About CTS Pro

CTS Pro is robust application with a human resources database for organizing applicants. Unlike competitors it is very customizable with a particular focus on their search functionality. Employers can take advantage of CTS Pro through large groups of job applicants, and to organize and contact those applicants. The main goal of CTS Pro is to act as a tool designed to simplify the life of the hiring manager or recruiter. Just like a search engine, after a recruiter’s search, some applicant tracking systems rank applicants by keywords (skills, job positions) and filters (i.e. location and education). So, an applicant, you can optimize their resumes specifically to fit the job you are applying for.

  • Easy communication
    Stay in touch with your candidates and keep your conversation going. Send messages from your phone right to your candidate.
  • Review candidates in no time
    See candidates’ information like application, cover letter and documents right in the app. Add your reviews and star ratings instantly.
  • See and write notes
    Write notes and collaborate with your team. Stay on top of your recruitment by communicating about your candidates.
  • Automate your recruitment
    Get things done fast with the help from Triggers and save time
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Optimize your recruiting process

Know your Pipeline

Design your workflow with utmost accuracy track how candidates go through different statuses. Pipeline is the section that manages your candidate stages from submission to placement. Track and change the status of candidates as they progress through the recruitment process.

Job Tracking

Have a clear view, track positions & stay informed about clients & candidates. Track, View & Shortlist candidate’s applications as per the job requirement. No need to go through hundreds of candidates details and lose your way while searching

Publish Your Jobs

You know best where your potential candidates are. Publish jobs on various job boards and social media channels of your choice